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Employee Nutrition and Well being


Additional Services

Corporate wellbeing consultancy

Working with the Company to develop and deliver and Corporate Nutrition and Wellbeing strategy. This service is designed to provide the Company with the tools to support employee engagement and physical and mental wellbeing.


Employee online nutrition and wellbeing hub

Jennifer can help create an online hub where all employees can access information provided by me specifically for your business. The hub can contain podcasts, blogs, vlogs, recipes, articles, team challenges, questions and answer section and much more. This is a great way to deliver ongoing wellbeing support to all employees.


Nutrition and wellbeing Newsletters

A newsletter focused on delivering short, digestible insights on Nutrition and Wellbeing. This can include recipes, articles, facts and top tips on the latest research into nutrition and wellbeing. Each newsletter has a different theme and can be sent at a frequency to suit you. This is a great well to get nutrition and wellbeing information to all employees.


Image by Joanna Kosinska
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