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Individual Nutrition and well being talks

Educational, interactive, fun and informal - idea for small or large teams wanting to learn more about nutrition and well being

The Nutrition Body-Boosting workshops can run between 1 – 3 hours to discuss how nutrition can play a fundamental role in your health. The workshop will look at how the body functions and really practical ways to boost energy levels, support the immune system, help the body cope with stress as well as increasing the production of serotonin and the other feel good hormones without the need for sugar.

The workshop will be delivered in a positive and interactive way, with short questionnaires for participants to understand what is happening in the body, mini science experiments to show what can happen in your gut when you eat too much sugar and discussions over the latest research into the best eating patterns for health. Food tasters and recipes can be included to show how eating in a nourishing way can be tasty and exciting whilst fundamentally supporting the body. Information packs are provided to each of the attendees.

Topics included in these workshops include:

Foundations of healthy eating – what nutrients do we need, what should a

balanced eating plate look like, and practical ways to achieve this without stress


Sugar – why do we crave it, its impact on the body and how to reduce our intake

Stress – the role of stress in the body, its impact on our physical and emotional wellbeing and how to support the body to reduce its impact

Anxiety and Depression – the link between the mind and body, how nutrition and gut health can play a key role in emotional wellbeing, and how to naturally boost your serotonin and endorphins

Nutrition and Exercise – how to fuel the body before and after exercise, dispelling the myths and understanding what boosts athletic performance and aids recovery

Energy and Productivity – Exploring the role of nutrition for energy production and mental clarity. The best ways to beat energy dips and increase your productivity without the need for sugar and caffeine

Eating to boost the immune system – Nutritional advice on how to look after your immune system to support short-term health and long-term wellbeing

Coping with illness – Designed for people who are currently living with ill health. This workshop explores the research areas that bring down inflammation, boost immunity and stimulate the bodies inherent healing systems.

How to eat well with little time – A workshop full of food tasters, recipes and practical advice on how to eat well and boost the body with little time spent preparing in the kitchen. Ideal for busy people who want to nourish their bodies

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