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'Interesting, engaging and funny. Jennifer dispelled a lot of myths about nutrition.  Highly interactive with a wealth of knowledge to help understand key health principles now and for the future.'

Deborah, Business Coach and Mentor

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'Our team were very sceptical at first with long standing beliefs in what our idea of health nutrition were about.  Boy we were wrong.  Jen really helped to dispel myths, identify bad habits and give us the tools to make better informed choices.  Jen was interesting, funny and helped us understand complex topics in an easy way.  The real tell was the next day when a fizzy drink wasn’t in sight! Great presentation and great talk!'

Mike, Commercial Director, Partnerships Bank of Ireland UK

Corporate Wellbeing with Jennifer


I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist and NLP coach. I was inspired to research the impact nutrition can have on the functioning of the body having first hand experience of someone with a life limiting illness using nutritional changes to improve their life expectancy and make a dramatic difference to the quality of their life.

I have been running my private practice for over 6 years, working with individuals as well as charities including Shine, Longfield Hospice and Maggie's Cancer Centre.

In recent years my focus has turned to Corporate nutrition and wellbeing. Whilst having spent many years working with people to try and reverse ill-health, I decided to focus on nutrition for people and corporations that is life-enforcing to reduce stress, boost energy and overall physical and mental vitality of the employees in the workplace.

In 2017, Britain's Healthiest Workplace Survey carried out research on 32,000 employees across various industries and revealed that employees lose, on average, the equivalent of 30.4 days of productive time annually due to sick days or underperformance in the office as a result of ill-health. This is the equivalent to 6 weeks work for each employee.

By engaging with the employees well-being needs, educating them on the functioning of their body and empowering them with the knowledge they need, you are creating not only a more productive and energised team, but you are also giving the individuals the tools they will need to support their physical and mental health now and into the future.

Organisations Jennifer has worked with:

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What does this wellbeing work look like?

Nutrition and wellbeing work with Jennifer can be tailor-made to suit the size and needs of your business. Some of the options available are:

  • One off Nutrition and Wellbeing talk to boost energy, boost mood and reduce stress

  • A Series of Nutrition and Wellbeing talks delivered to employees to give greater insight into their health and wellbeing

  • One to one consultations with team members, designing personalised nutritional programmes

  • Creation of team or corporate online wellbeing hub, for employees to be able to ask health and wellbeing questions and where they can view blogs, podcasts, recipes and videos updated on a weekly basis

  • A review of workplace canteen and snack options, with detailed recommendations

  • Creation of team health and wellbeing challenges

The impact of the wellbeing work can be measured through various methods to demonstrate how investing in employees health can have a positive impact on their wellbeing and therefore on the Company.

To discuss the options in more detail, please contact me

‘The Lunch & Learn session was excellent. Wish it had been longer, as a huge topic to cover in just an hour.

However, the  information was incredibly useful and delivered in a nice, “easy to follow and understand” format.

The experiment with the three containers clearly demonstrated the effect that different food groups can have on an individual.

Most definitely a topic to be pursued!!!’

Anni, Keyfuels


'Thank you very much to Jennifer McDiarmid for coming into the office today to provide advice and guidance on nutrition and the impacts it has on our day! Highly recommend Jennifer for a talk at your business. Very well delivered with a blend of knowledge and interactivity. Jen also stayed afterwards for a number of 121 consultations'

Patrick, Lloyds Banking Group

'Jennifer's friendly and engaging manner ensures her ‘Power of Food’ workshops are practical, informative and encouraging and she always tailor’s the content of the course to the individual requirements  of participants.'

Mary, Longfield Hospice

Corporate Well being services with Jen 

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Individual Nutrition and Well being workshop

1 hour workshops delivered to your team, demonstrating how quick and easy changes can boost body and mind

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Monthly Nutrition engagement and support

Offering monthly Well being support including workshops, mentoring, blogs and more

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5 week Nutrition and Well being course

One workshop a week for 5 weeks - improve employee engagement and well being using Nutrition and NLP strategies

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Employee one to one consultations

Working with employees on a one to one basis, creating personalised well being plans to promote engagement and workplace health

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7 week Nutrition and Well being course

A more expensive version of the 5 week course to deliver greater insight in how to support your employees physical and emotional wellbeing

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Additional Services offer by Jen 

More information on the additional services offered, and how you can tailor the work with Jennifer to suit the needs of your business

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