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7 Week Nutrition and

Well being course

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The 7 week Nutrition and wellbeing course is similar to the 5 week course, but with greater depth and time spent discussing crucial wellbeing topics.


This course runs for 1 hour a week over the 7 weeks, at a time that suits you. The aim of the 7 week Nutrition and Wellbeing talk is to spend time discussing the main areas of health and wellbeing that can affect us, help attendees understand what is happening in their body, and explain simple but powerful steps they can make to boost their body. Topics covered during this programme are:

  1. Impact of sugar on the body

  2. Supporting the body when stressed

  3. How to support yourself when you are not sleeping, feeling anxious and depressed.

  4. Supporting immunity

  5. Boosting energy and productivity

  6. Gut health

  7. Putting knowledge into practice

Pre and Post course questionnaires are completed to demonstrate the health improvements made by the employees attending the course with food taster and Information packs provided to each of the attendees.

An advanced 7 week nutrition and wellbeing course is available for those interested in furthering employee wellbeing development.

'Interesting, engaging and funny. Jennifer dispelled a lot of myths about nutrition.  Highly interactive with a wealth of knowledge to help understand key health principles now and for the future.'

Deborah, Business Coach and Mentor

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