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Employee Nutrition and Well being


Individual employee consultations

Supporting your employees in an individual one to one way, working with a qualified Nutritional Therapist to improve their physical and emotional well being.


Employee consultations run on a one to one basis lasting roughly 45 minutes.


These are designed for anyone interested in improving a certain health condition, employees that have high stress levels, have high staff sickness levels or anyone wanting to improve their overall health status.


The one to ones provide personalised nutrition and wellbeing plans to the individuals to follow with my guidance to support their health. Follow up consultations take place for as long as the individual needs – this varies according to the individual requirements.

This serviced is book on either a full day or half day basis. Arrangements can me made directly with Jennifer when employees book this service. Information shared is kept confidential, unless certain criteria are met where with employees consent this would be discussed with GP/ Line Manager.


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