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SJP- Supporting menopause course

An 8 week online course on how to support menopause through nutrition

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Service Description

This 8-week online Nutrition course is designed for any employee of St James' Place who wants to gain a good knowledge of nutrition and its role in our physical and mental health. This course will help to educate you on the role of nutrition and why going on a diet isn’t the best approach to take. This course will work through the important building blocks of nutrition which can be used as a platform to attend further courses in the future. This course is only for employees of St James' Place and will be run by Registered Nutritionist Jennifer McDiarmid. The weeks of the course are broken down as follows: Week one – Introduction to the course. The best approach to take with nutrition. The first session will discuss the world of hormones, their role in the body and what happens when we go through the menopause. We will look at an overview of the 'hormone balancing plan' and discuss small changes to take away. Week two – This week focuses on the role of oestrogen and progesterone. How the body adapts to the changing levels, the role of HRT as well as the role of xenoestrogens and phytoestrogens. Week three – Week three discusses the role of cortisol with menopause symptoms and what can happen when this ‘master hormone’ is switched on. We will discuss ways to support the adrenal glands and move away from fight or flight mode to support some physical symptoms linked with the menopause. Week four – Week four discuss the other major hormone that can contribute to symptoms of hormone imbalance – insulin. This session will discuss how to lower your production of insulin and support changes in body weight, energy levels and poor sleep patterns. Week five – Week five will discuss key nutrients that have been shown to support the body before, during and after the menopause and how we can naturally increase these when we eat fruits, vegetables and essential fats. Week six – Week six will follow on from week five to continue the discussion on the key nutrients shown to support symptoms of menopause and how to easily increase these in your eating pattern. Week seven - This week will focus on digestion and detoxification of any excess hormones within the body. Week eight - This is where we will bring together all the information that has been discussed and talk about how to continue these changes after the course has finished.

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