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The workplace Health Re:Set course

Engage, energise and motivate your workforce through 

The 8 week ‘workplace health re:set course’.

The need for employee health support has never been higher. In the UK, stress levels, mental health issues, insomnia, poor energy regulation, and low motivation are at all-time highs.

Jen McDiarmid, Registered Nutritionist, and Robin Sowden-Taylor, WRU Strength and Conditioning Coach, have developed an evidence-based program designed to improve employees' physical and mental health through three main pillars of wellbeing: Nutrition, Movement, and Mindset.

This programme educates employees on their health and promotes long-term changes, supporting the business wellbeing KPIs. Investing in this course not only yields a return on investment through increased productivity but also fosters a positive and motivated workforce, leading to greater staff retention.

Educate: Provide employees with evidence-based health strategies.

Empower: Encourage employees to take accountability for their wellbeing.

Elevate: Enhance your wellbeing strategy by partnering with industry leaders.

'This is something that everybody should consider. As a middle aged woman, I grew up with a constant narrative about what a feminine body should look like (not much about what good, healthy female fitness should be). The course has really helped me to challenge these long-held beliefs, invited me to consider the actual evidence & to make simple changes that have made a massive difference to my energy, stamina & general feeling of wellness. I would definitely recommend this course to everyone.'

Sarah, Cardiff

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