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3 month personalised nutrition support

£145 per month Personalised Nutrition package

  • 1 h 30 min
  • £145 per month
  • online

Service Description

Working with Registered Nutritionist, Jen McDiarmid, this 3-month package will help you to achieve your health goals through a personalised, science-based approach. This 3-month package includes a tailor-made nutrition program designed to enhance both your physical and mental health. Unlike generic diets, this program offers an in-depth analysis of your current health status and creates a plan to support both your immediate and long-term health goals. Package Details: • Initial Health Assessment (1 - 1.5 hours): Discuss your health goals, appetite, food intake, sleep, stress levels, digestion, hormone health, physical activity, and any pre-existing conditions. • Customised Nutrition Plan: Based on the assessment, Jen will create a detailed guide explaining what’s happening in your body and outlining a plan to improve your health. The focus is on optimizing nutritional status, not counting calories or creating negative emotions around food. • Ongoing Support: Over the 3 months, you’ll have two additional detailed sessions, along with continuous support through phone calls and WhatsApp messages. • Inbody assessment: You have the opportunity to complete an Inbody assessment at the beginning and the end of the 3-month programme to see the changes in body composition achieved during the programme. • Changes for life: As this is not a diet, the programmes created are ones that are sustainable for long-term change. Join the programme and not only feel the health benefits during the 3 months but know you will walk away feeling empowered and with all the knowledge to continue on this journey ongoing. These sessions are available on selected dates in person either in Cirencester, London or Cardiff or as video calls as a time convenient to you. Achieve sustainable health changes with personalised, expert guidance and support.

Contact Details

  • + 07766015161

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